Thursday, April 10, 2008

Big Blogger is Watching You

You may not be aware of it, but you are slightly less anonymous on the Internet than you may have thought. I have an interesting program (Google Analytics) that tells me a little about people who visit my website. It doesn't give anything personal like names and addresses, but it does tell what city you live in, how long you visit the web page, what search engine brought you to my page, and the last five embarrassing things you have thought about. (OK, maybe not the last one. But it's probably coming in version 2.0).

Here's some interesting things that I have learned about visitors to this blog since I started on March 3:
  • 145 people have visited. Thanks for stopping by!
  • People have visited from Spain (Hola, guys!), Singapore (Jia ba liao buay!), Canada (hello, eh?), Japan (Konichi wa!), Finland (Hyvää päivää!), Turkey (Iyi gunler!), England (hello!), and Rivendell (Mae govannen!).
  • But most visitors are from the USA, and mainly from Hawaii, California, and Michigan, where I have family, friends, and students.
  • Some people have visited from Kentucky. I didn't know you had the Internet there! :)
  • My most popular post was Andrew and the Jelly Bean Crisis.
  • Lots of people have come over via the link from my friend Rich's blog.
  • One person found this site by googling "pronounce Eutychus." If you're still wondering, Americans usually pronounce it "you-ti-kuss." (interesting aside: my spell-checker already recognizes "googling")
  • Two pastors were looking for sermon material on the story of Eutychus in Acts 20:7-12. I hope your sermons went well! Let me know.
  • Someone googled for a "photo healing centurion's servant." I hate to disappoint you, but they didn't have any cameras then.
  • Another person googled for "duccio raising of lazarus." A man / woman after my own heart!
  • Someone else googled "eutychus stained glass." I don't know of one. Let me know if you find one, so I can add it to my graphics collection.
  • Eleven people googled on topics related to the resurrection, and especially what Jesus taught on after the resurrection. I'll plan on writing more on that topic soon.


  1. Eutychus vanimelda, le linnathon
    ef aear, si nef aearon.

    Elen sila lumenn' omentielvo.

    Lissi golodh adan hi riel mel tul du!


  2. And one popped over one afternoon from Erika's blog...


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