Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Andrew and the Jelly Bean Crisis

Andrew Mandrew is my nickname for our three-year-old, Andrew. His name means "manly," so that's where the "Mandrew" came from. We have six sons, but I think Andrew beats them all for mischief. Here's a brief list of the havoc he has wreaked in the last several months:
  • Poured gallons of water on the bathroom flour
  • Poured flour all over the kitchen
  • Opened a child-safe bottle of Tylenol (yes, emergency-room visit resulted, but he didn't eat any)
  • Opened a child-safe bottle of Zyrtec (a children's decongestant)
  • Ate handfuls of sugar, leaving himself and the kitchen sticky
  • Snuck outside and opened the car doors partially, causing the battery to die
  • Poured salt all over the kitchen
  • Ate several Tums
  • Took handfuls of frosting from a cake left out to cool
  • Poured salt all over his bed
  • Got into the Easter candy a week early and ate all of his and one brother's candy
  • Poured water into the sugar container
  • Microwaved a Hot Wheels car until it burst into flames
  • Poured out at least three bottles of shampoo over toilet, counter, and tub
  • Covered his body with postage stamps
  • Watered the dog and dog house (maybe he thought they would grow)
  • Watered his car seat when it was left in the garage
  • Covered his arms in bandaids
  • Rubbed chocolate into the carpet
  • Squeezed a whole bottle of neosporin onto the bathroom counter
  • Poured out a whole jar of peanut butter (pure kind, so it pours)
  • Colored his arms with a marker
  • Destroyed his brothers' carefully made Lego models
  • Rubbed toothpaste all over the counter
  • Colored his face with a marker
  • Destroyed his brother's artwork
  • Turned on the hose and flooded the side yard
  • Destroyed his mother's artwork
  • Stuck a jelly bean so far up his nose that we almost had to take him to the emergency room (the most recent offense, which stimulated today's blog)

What's amazing is how happy he remains throughout all the chaos, or maybe it's because of the chaos.

So no scripture interpretation blog for today. But after rushing home from work to help deal with the Jelly Bean Crisis, I had to blog about Andrew. For those of you anxious for Bible blogs, I will post another by Friday.


  1. All I can hear is my dear Grandmother's voice, "WHERE IS THIS CHILD'S MOTHER WHEN ALL OF THIS IS GOING ON?"

    possible answers:
    1. visiting her shrink
    2. hiding under the covers
    3. cleaning up the last mess

  2. Boy, the apple doesn't fall far from the tree does it o-hitter-of-flaming-tennis-balls?

  3. I also remember someone throwing a dried up Christmas tree over the second floor railing of the church office.

  4. I had forgotten about the Christmas tree gravity test! But I will never forget the flaming tennis balls. My wife says I can't tell the boys about it until they're older.

  5. Andrew update: Today Andrew poured out peanuts on the floor, poured water on his brother's upper level bunkbed, squeezed toothpaste out on the counter, and tried to get into his mom's new contact lenses. He also dropped rice on the floor, but I guess that doesn't count since it wasn't intentional.

  6. Hahaha... I absolutely love Mandrew Man! He's so adorable. Aside from all his chaos... he's a character. :-) Can't wait to watch them again!

  7. After reading this again... all I can say is... Post another update about your boys! They are too fun! :-)


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