Thursday, May 7, 2009

Eutychus Drama

At a recent chapel at Pacific Rim Bible College, where I teach, students had to quickly perform odd scenes from the Bible. Here is their performance of the story of Eutychus (Acts 20).


Paul: Paul Kiriakos

Eutychus: Justin Masuda

Audience: Sabeth Erungel and Christina Youngs

Stunt crew: Antonio Criado and Michael Soraoka

Chair: Gabe Diaz


  1. Uh-oh...I hear a discrepancy. Was it not Elijah and Elisha that Paul was imitating and not Ezekiel?!
    I guess Paul wasn't listening THAT well in class. Muahaha...I joke of course.
    I love when Mike exclaims, "He's DEAD!"
    How fun.

    ps. I just realized your nerd is rubbing off on me that I not only notice his mistake, but I also felt a need to comment and correct. Gary, what have you done?! :)

  2. Yikes! That is scary, Justin. I assumed that I would be the only one who noticed Paul's mistake. You are truly entering the ranks of nerditude.

    Although perhaps we should give Paul more credit. I'm sure he carefully read the LXX and noticed that not only did Elijah stretch himself out on the boy, but he also breathed into him (emphusao), which is also what Ezekiel commanded the winds to do to the dead bodies in Ezek 37. Yes, I'm sure that's what Paul had in mind.

    BTW, nice boxers.

  3. YES!
    That MUST be what Paul had in mind. There is no other explanation!

    And boxers are VERY awesome. Lucky I wasn't wearing my pink ones (not a joke...I am an owner of pink boxers).

    I'm going to go study for your exam now.

  4. Maierhauser nerds loved this one!

  5. Yay! A comment from my Maierhauser nieces and/or nephews! Yes - embrace and celebrate your inner nerd!

  6. BTW, under my earlier comment, I meant Paul K, the actor in the video, not Paul the apostle (although Paul K is certainly almost is holy as Paul of Tarsus).


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