Thursday, May 15, 2008

Preaching on the Exodus

I will be preaching this Sunday, May 14, at Hope Chapel West Oahu, at the 7:45 and 11:00 services. We are still in the series "Against All Odds," and this week's sermon will be on Exodus 14-15, the parting of the Red Sea. Service information and the podcast can be found on our church website.

Update, thanks to Anonymous: Oops... May 18, not 14.


  1. :(
    I'm doing a drama this weekend and I won't be able to make it!
    It's gonna be beast, I know it!
    Have a good time preaching...I'll say a prayer for you.

    I am going to get some sleep now so I can be well rested before my death by Greek Final tomorrow.

    - Justin

  2. I think you meant Sunday, May 18 not May 14 =)


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